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Fast, same day service for all brands of household appliances!

At Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair, we service and fix all major brands of household appliances in Ottawa and the surrounding neighbourhoods while providing quick and dependable work. We at Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair are here for you evenings, weekends and even holidays for any of your repair needs.

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There is no need to panic or get frustrated if any of your appliances stop working. Paramount Appliance repair serves many areas surrounding Edmonton and we can come to you same day. We carry the most commonly replaced appliance parts in all of our vans for major appliances,so often times your repair is completed on the same day we first visit!

Our staff is experienced and ready to take care of any of your appliance needs, regardless of brand, model or appliance age. Being prompt and professional is of utmost important to us.

At Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair, we aim to repair your appliances quickly, effectively and at the most cost-effective price. Our repair is fully warrantied and when we repair your appliance, you are not charged the service call fee.

We are only a phone call away. Contact us if you are having appliance malfunctions or if your appliances are broken down. We can diagnose the problem, and then repair it for you. We are confident you will be more than happy with our service.
Our staff are experienced in finding solutions to repair the following appliances:

∙ Refrigerators
∙ Freezers
∙ Air Conditioners
∙ Dishwashers
∙ Washing Machines
∙ Dryers
∙ Stoves
∙ Ovens
∙ Microwaves


Common Appliance Repair Issues

Here you can find a list of the most common appliance problems. If any of your appliances are showing these symptoms or anything related, contact us right away. We offer free estimates on appliance repairs. Fill out our contact form!

Common refrigerator problems:

∙ Refrigerator stopped working completely
∙ Refrigerator is making strange noises
∙ Refrigerator “sweats” on the outside
∙ Water leaking from underneath
∙ Water puddles inside your fridge
∙ Ice machine doesn’t function properly
∙ Refrigerator won’t stay cold
∙ Freezer doesn’t stay cold

Common washer and dryer issues:

∙Washer does not turn on
∙ Washer is making strange noises
∙ Washer doesn’t spin properly
∙ Washer doesn’t drain
∙ Washer is leaking
∙ Washer doesn’t complete a cycle
∙ Washer does not fill properly

Common dishwasher issues:

∙ Dishwasher doesn’t work
∙ Dishwasher will not fill with water
∙ Dishwasher is not draining completely
∙ Detergent is not being released during a cycle
∙ Dishwasher is making strange noises
∙ Dishes don’t come out clean after a cycle
∙ Dishes do not dry completely

Common oven issues:

∙ Oven does not heat up
∙ Oven does not power on
∙ Oven does not bake evenly
∙ Oven self cleaning feature not working
∙ Oven is not heating properly
∙ Oven broiler problem
∙ The oven does not turn off


Keep in mind that at Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair, we can fix all major appliances and brands including but not limited to:

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