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What to Do When Your Stove’s Burners Won’t Light

Did you prepare to begin cooking dinner, but found that the burners on your Thermador cooktop won’t turn on? There are a couple of possible reasons for why this is happening. The easiest way to find out would be to call a repair technician to take a look. You can also read this guide to see if you can spot the problem yourself, and save yourself an unnecessary service call if the problem is an easy fix.

If you can’t solve the problem, or you’d prefer an experienced technician worked on your stove, you can give the team at Ottawa Pro Appliance Repairs a call at (888) 508-8270 and schedule a Thermador cooktop repair in Ottawa. Keep reading for common burner issues.

Reasons Why Cooktop Won’t Light

Power: Is just one burner on the fritz? If all of your burners are refusing to turn on, double check to make sure that the stove is plugged into its outlet, and the circuit breaker is turned on. If they’re not, turn them back on and test your burners. You can also reset the circuit breaker to see if it needed a ‘reset.’   

Spark Module: If only one of the burners isn’t turning on, the problem most likely will be with the spark module. This part provides the power needed for each burner to spark electrode. If the burners are weak, or not turning on at all, this is usually the reason why.

Spark Ignition Switch: The spark ignition switch is what sends the power to the spark module to produce the spark. If the ignition switch is faulty, the problematic burner won’t light. Check to see if the other burners are lighting or not. If they are, then the issue is with spark ignition switch. You can buy new ones online and install them yourself, or you can call a technician to do it for you.

Loose Wiring to the Igniter: Another reason the igniter might be having issues is because of loose wires. You’ll have to open the bottom of the cooktop to check the wiring; refer to your owner’s manual if you are not sure how to do this on your model. If you notice the wires have become disconnected or are lost, try reconnecting them and testing your burner again.  

Cleaning the Burner Assembly: If you have sealed burners, ones that are sealed under a glass surface, this probably isn’t your issue. If the burner coils are exposed, chances are there is debris that has fallen under them and is clogging the system underneath. Lift the stovetop, and very carefully clean the parts, removing any food bits, dirt, and whatever else has fallen underneath. You can also remove the burners and give them a scrub in warm, soapy water as well. Just be sure that your stove is completely turned off before starting any cleaning to avoid injury.

The Burner: Check to see if the faulty burner has any cracks or other damage to it. If it does, this is most likely the reason why isn’t turning on. You can order a replacement yourself, or call a technician to do it for you.

Still can’t figure out why your burner isn’t turning on? Call Ottawa Pro Appliance Repairs today at (888) 508-8270! We offer same day service!

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