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Repairable Appliance Parts

With all of the intricate inner workings of our appliances, there are a myriad of parts that can malfunction without warning. Don’t let a faulty appliance ruin your household’s flow.

At Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair, we have a wide selection of parts for all household appliances always in stock. No matter what brand, make or model your faulty appliance is, we’re sure we have the part to fix it.

Convinced your appliance is done for? Keep reading for a list of repairable appliance parts before you go shopping for a replacement.

Not sure what went wrong or what part you need? No problem.

If you live in or around Ottawa and need a professional appliance repair for your broken down appliance, give us a call at 1 (888) 508-8270 and book an appointment today.


Whether your oven and/or stove is taking too long to heat up, is getting way too hot, or one of the controls ceases to work, we have a part for that.

Here are some repairable oven and stove parts that commonly break down. If any of these parts need to be replaced on your oven/stove – you know who to call!


Is your refrigerator leaking, not cooling enough or freezing all your food? Don’t fret, and call Ottawa Pro instead. We have plenty of fridge parts on-hand to help you get your fridge back to normal in no time. Some repairable fridge parts include:


Disappointed that your clothes are still damp after a drying cycle? There are many reasons why that happened. Let our team diagnose the problem, and repair the part that caused it. Some repairable dryer parts include:

Washing Machine

Is your washing machine making noise? Or not draining water? There are several reasons why that might be happening. Save yourself the trouble and call our team for a repair. Some repairable washer parts include:

If one or more of your appliance breaks down, call Ottawa Pro Appliance and see if we have the part you need. With hundreds of repairable appliance parts in stock, we’ll be able to help you repair your appliance in no time.

Not sure what went wrong or what part you need? Call and book an appointment with one of our expert technicians, who will be more than happy to help you diagnose the issue.

Need a repairable appliance part? Give the team at Ottawa Pro Appliance today at 1 (888) 508-8270 and take advantage of our same-day repairs!

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