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Disassembly Tips for DIY Stove Repairs

If you’re about to tackle stove repairs on your own, you may find the following tips helpful. Read on to learn how to disassemble various parts of your stove so that you can access the components you need to complete your DIY stove repairs. If at any point you find yourself stuck, our stove repair experts will be happy to help!

Some Disassembly Required

Most stove repairs require some degree of disassembly, which means breaking out the drill bits and going wrist-deep into your appliance’s interior parts. Before you get started, make sure that there is no power flowing through your stove. Either unplug the unit, or flip the breaker switch before you begin. Our stove repair team stresses safety at all costs, so please don’t skip this important step!

Fixing Components – Disassembling the Rear Panel

To access component for your stove repairs, you’ll need to enter through the back of the range. Spin your stove around or creep around back, then remove the screws securing the lower rear panel in place. Set it aside to give yourself space to work.

Fixing Control Panel Components – Disassembling the Upper Rear Panel

To access control panel components for your stove repairs, remove the screws securing the upper rear panel.

Fixing the Burner’s – Disassembling the Oven’s Main Top

If your stove repair requires the removal of the oven’s main top, start by opening the oven door. You’ll find screws running along the inside lip of the oven, which is exposed when the door hinges open. Unscrew these then close the oven door. From here, you’ll be able to lift the oven top up easily, and may prop it up using a sturdy object to work as though you’d popped the hood of your car.

With the oven top propped up in this way, you can easily remove the burners. Release the burners by removing the screws securing the burner’s cross bracers to the top. Remove your propping object and allow the oven top to settle in place, then hold the burners down while you pry the top back up and away from the burner elements. From here, you’re free to work on the burner components.

Disassembling the Oven Door

To remove the oven door, use a flathead screwdriver to flip the hinge lock all the way down on both sides of the door. You can now lift the door up and out. Be careful, as this door will be heavy.

To reinstall the oven door, align the the hinge locks with the holes in the cabinet, then push the door back into place.

Get More Stove Repair Tips

Have your stove repair attempts failed miserably? Are you looking at a disassembled stove unit with no idea where to begin? Don’t stress; our experts are standing by to help. Call (613)-518-3225 to get in touch with our stove repair squad. We offer same-day service that is fully warrantied, licensed, and insured. Don’t settle for subpar stove repairs – get in touch with the Ottawa Pro team today!

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