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How To Wash Your Washing Machine

Washing machines, just like other appliances, need regular maintenance in order to make sure that they work properly. While it can be a pain to do, it does keep you washing machine clean, which of course ensures that your clothes come out clean, and who doesn’t want that?

Over time, your washing machine is probably going to need to be repaired, especially as it begins to age. If you need you washing machine repaired in the Ottawa area, Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair will help you get it fixed before the next laundry day.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your machine clean.

Maintenance Washing

A maintenance wash in terms of a washing machine is a wash cycle used to clean the inside of your washing machine, rather than your clothes. This deep-cleaning cycle will effectively clean the inside of your washer to remove grime, bacteria, residual murky water and more.

If the interior of your washing machine is clean, your clothes will come out clean! If you get into the habit of running a maintenance wash at least once a month at a high temperature, it not only ensure that your machine is clean, but your clothes come out clean too.

Why Run A Maintenance Wash?

You might be wondering, “why do I need to clean the inside of my washing machine?” Well, bacteria and other grimy things can grow on the interior of your washing machine, especially if you have a lot of residual water that is not draining properly.

This can create a couple of problems for you when your are doing your laundry. Your coloured washes might soak up black or brown residue from your previous washes. Your whites might come out with a grey tinge to them if there is dirt left over. Detergent residue can build up in the drum of the washer and on the door seal, allowing more bacteria and mold to grow. In other words, you washing machine isn’t going to do a great job at washing your clothes.

How to Run A Maintenance Wash

Running a maintenance wash is just as easy as running a regular cycle. Some machines might have a setting for this, but others might not so make sure you check your washing machine manual before hand. If you don’t have a setting to do a maintenance wash, then don’t worry you can use the longest, hottest cycle instead to get an effective clean.

Don’t forget, this wash needs to be done with the washing machine empty so that your clothes don’t soak up the cleaning agent. Avoid using a cycle that has a pre-wash feature because you want the wash to be on its highest temperature to kill all bacteria and mold, and to get the best clean. Also, for the most effective clean, make sure you choose the highest spin cycle.

You can use whatever cleaning agent you desire for this, just make sure that it contains some bleach to kill bacteria. Read the instructions on the cleaning agent carefully, some agents might need to go into the detergent drawer, some will be able go right in the washer drum.

Depending on the type of washing machine you own, you will probably need to run a maintenance wash once a month. If you regularly use detergent that already contains bleach, you probably won’t have to run a wash as often.

Did you run a maintenance wash and your washing machine still isn’t working? Call Ottawa Pro Appliance for a repair today at (888) 508-8270!

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