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Troubleshooting and Tips for Viking Fridge Repairs in Ottawa

Like with any appliance, refrigerators will start to age over time and need to be maintained to keep them from needing repairs. If you notice your Viking fridge starting to act up, Instead of buying a new refrigerator, you can call Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair to service it. Here are some common problems that your fridge might run into and some simple solutions before calling a handyman.

Refrigerator Runs, But Doesn’t Get Cold

There are a couple of things to check if this problem occurs. First, check the thermostat dial to see what setting it is on. If it is on the warmest setting, simply turn it down. Second, the condenser coils might be clogged. To check this, first remove the bottom front or rear panel and vacuum under your fridge, and using an extension wand, clean off the coils. If neither of these worked, make sure to check the following:


Refrigerator Compartment Freezing

If everything in your Viking Fridge is freezing in the refrigerator compartment, check the thermostat dial. If it is on the coldest setting, turn the dial up and wait about thirty minutes. If after thirty minutes the refrigerator is still freezing, call a professional to check if it needs to be replaced. This is the same for freezers; if your freezer isn’t freezing its components, check to see what setting the thermostat dial is on. If it’s on the warmest setting, turn the dial down and wait thirty minutes to see if it begins freezing. If it doesn’t, then call for repair.

Exterior of Fridge Sweats

Does your fridge look like it just ran a marathon? This might mean it is sweating, which is common during warmer weather. Most refrigerators nowadays have switches that keeps the fridge from sweating during hot temperature months. If you notice the outside of your Viking fridge is sweating, check the control panel inside the fridge to see if switch is turned off. You can switch it off during cooler weather to conserve energy.

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