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3 Maintenance Tips for Fridges in Ottawa

Your refrigerator can hold up to hundreds of dollars in food. This makes keeping your fridge in tip top shape essential, because if it develops an issue, you can potentially lose a lot of money from your food rotting. No one wants to run into this problem, especially over the holidays, but luckily there are ways to avoid fridge issues. Keep reading for 3 maintenance tips for fridges.

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Coils Should Be Clean

The coils, usually located at the back of your fridge, need to be clean. Since fridges are heavy it may be difficult for some homeowners to move them, so assistance may be necessary.  It is easier for you to maintain the coils regularly in order keep your fridge operating efficiently for longer. If you want to clean the coils you should pull the fridge from the wall and wipe them down. Some fridges have the coils underneath it as opposed to in the back. They must be free of dust and able to vent heat from the fridge to be able to do its job cooling the contents inside.

Make Sure Fridge is Level

Your fridge will run more efficiently if it is level. When the fridge is level it allows all of the internal parts to operate properly. You could also develop leaks if the appliance is tilted on an angle. The process of leveling a fridge can easily be done, but if you have never done it before, it may be better to hire a licensed technician to do it for you to avoid injury.

Listen for Dripping Noises

Hearing some noise coming from your fridge is normal, but if you are hearing drips or seeing leaks, this is a warning that there is an issue. If this happens you should try pulling out the drip pan to see if there is any debris or clogs in the area causing the problem. If you find excessive dripping it could mean water is blocked and could possibly be puddling under your refrigerator, for which you will need to call a technician for a repair.

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