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Why Won’t My Washing Machine Spin?

A washing machine that doesn’t spin can cause you a lot of trouble. However, the problem might not be as difficult to fix as it seems Read this guide to see if you’re able to fix the problem yourself!

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Reason Washing Machine Won’t Spin

Drive Belt: One of the easiest things to check a washer that won’t spin is a broken drive belt. After opening the door to the washing machine, try turning the washer drum with your hands. You should be able to feel some resistance against spinning the drum. If there isn’t you might have a broken drive belt. After unplugging the washing machine, open up the access panel to check the drive belt. If you see any damage to the belt, it should be replaced.

Motor Coupler: Some washers use a motor coupler that can become worn out over time. It’s attached to the motor shaft and the transmission and a visual inspection should be used to troubleshoot any problem. If there are any problems with the coupler, it should be replaced, however, this is often a simple job to do. 

Drive Motor: Many washing machines use a reversing motor. Issues with the motor can be seen in sputtering during wash cycles or unusual sparks. If you think that you have a drive motor that isn’t operating properly, the entire thing should be replaced. In reversing motors, it can run in one direction for agitation and the other for spinning. Even if it works in one direction but not the other, it should be replaced regardless.

Pump: There could also be a problem with the pump in the washer. After unplugging the washing machine, remove the pump behind the access panel. You can check if the pump pulley is stuck by trying to turn it. Also, the pump belt could also be worn out or broken. If any of these parts are non-functional, they should be replaced as well.

Clutch: The clutch in a washer helps the washing machine reach certain spinning levels. In cases where the clutch wears out, the washing machine is going to have trouble spinning. Replacing a clutch should be left to a technician as this is a difficult task to perform.

Lid Switch: A non-working lid switch will result in a washer to not spin and not work at all. Keeping the machine plugged in, you should depress the switch and hear a clicking sound. If it doesn’t and the washer still doesn’t work, the lid switch may need to be replaced.

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