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Why is my Thermador Oven Not Heating Up?

Is your broken Thermador oven getting in the way of your daily meal prep? The problem may not be as complicated as it seems. See what might be causing your malfunction and get it repaired as soon as possible!

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If you feel uncomfortable with testing and/or fixing your Thermador oven, it should be left to a professional technician. It’s important to consider that attempting to repair your Thermador oven without experience can lead to further damage or risk of injury.

Common Causes for Cold Ovens

Bake/Broil Element: If the bake component is heating properly, it should be hot and glowing red. However, if it is not glowing, it is a clear indicator that the bake component is not functioning as it should. It is likely that the element has burnt out. If you think the bake element has burned out, look for holes or blisters in the element to confirm. These tests can also be done for the broil component.

Power Problem: Electric ovens require 240 volts of alternating current, while gas ovens require 120 volts. The reason why your oven might not turn on could be because of an incoming power problem.

Thermal Fuse: The oven my lose power when the thermal fuse trips. If the thermal fuse has blown, the Thermador oven will not heat up. If you find that the thermal fuse has blown, it cannot be reset and must be replaced.

Wire Connection: It’s also possible that one of the wires that are supplying power to the oven or igniter could have burnt out or come loose. Wires will often be burnt out closer to the source of heat. You can check if a wire has burnt out by checking for burns or other irregularities.

Defective Relay and Control Board: Some ovens come with a relay board that control the electrical current to the heating element. The oven won’t heat up if one of the relays on the relay board is defective. The entire relay board should be replaced. The oven control board also has relays that send volts to the bake and broil elements. When the control board is defective, it won’t send voltage to these heating elements. However, it’s important to check all the heating components listed before as a defective control board is rarely the case. If you suspect it is defective, it may need to be replaced.

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