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Appliance Repair: Common Problems and Expected Costs

One of the most common question that our Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair experts are asked is whether something’s worth fixing. As a general rule, we like to say that any repairs above $500 are too expensive. If you’re having to pay that much for significant part repairs or replacements, it means that your unit is probably in rough shape. Rather than filling an archaic appliance with shiny new parts, you’d probably be better off getting a replacement.

However, appliance repairs on this scale are relatively rare. More often, appliance fail because of maintenance neglect or minor, isolated part failures. Many of these minor issues can be repaired at very little cost, and when you choose the Ottawa Pro appliance repair team, you can have your washer, dryer, fridge, oven, or dishwasher fixed on the same day that you call.

In today’s post, our appliance repair experts discuss some common problems that homeowners encounter, and try to give you an idea of how much repairs will cost. If your appliance issue is on this list, it means you’re eligible for a relatively simple and inexpensive repair.


If your problem appears on this list, give our appliance repair experts a call at (613)-518-3225, or visit our appliance repair page to learn more about our same-day service guarantee and 5-star reputation.

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