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GE Appliance Repairs Tips: Fix Your Fridge Motor in 10 Steps

Your GE fridge compartment is warm, but your freezer is ice cold. But how is that even possible? Aren’t they cooled the same way?

Some fridge failures can really boggle the mind, but they shouldn’t stress you out. That’s why our GE appliance repair experts are standing by: to make your life easier. Before you kick your uncooperative appliance to the curb, give our team a call anytime at (613)-518-3225. Our technicians are highly trained, licensed, and certified, and all service is fully warrantied. Best of all, we complete all repairs on the same day you call.

But if you can’t afford a GE appliance repair, the following troubleshooting tips should help. A warm fridge and chilly freezers sound like a faulty evaporator fan motor, and we can tell you how to replace yours in 10 simple steps.

Read on to learn what must be done when your fridge is warm and your freezer is cold.

Safety First

As usual, make sure that you unplug the fridge before you proceed with your GE appliance repair.

Step by Step GE Appliance Repair: Fixing a Warm Fridge Malfunction

  1. First, remove any air ducts mounted on the rear panel.
  2. Next, remove the screws to release the panel itself. Be careful not to catch yourself on any sharp edges that may be exposed when you remove the plastic panel.
  3. Note the fan blade orientation and position on the motor shaft, then pull it off. This will be important when you reinstall the fan later.
  4. If applicable, disconnect the grounding wire.
  5. Remove the screws to detach the fan motor bracket, then disconnect the wire harness to release the old fan motor.
  6. Install the new fan motor by first connecting the wire harness. Position the motor on the back panel, then secure with the bracket and screws.
  7. Reconnect the grounding wire if applicable.
  8. Position the fan blade onto the new motor shaft in the position you noted when you first removed the panel.
  9. Reinstall the rear panel. We generally advise that you tighten the screws by hand at first. Once they are all in place and properly aligned, you can tighten them fully.
  10. Remount any air ducts that you removed initially.

You’re done! Plug the appliance back in and see whether or not you’ve fixed the problem.

My fridge isn’t fixed!
If you’re still experiencing trouble, contact our GE appliance repair experts for assistance. Call (613)-518-3225 or visit

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