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Electrolux Fridge Repair Tips: Replacing the Dispenser Door User Interface Board

In this post, we share a step-by-step guide for Electrolux fridge repair. More specifically, we break down how to replace the user interface board in the dispenser in the deluxe “French Door” model.

To complete this repair, you will need:

Safety First!

The first step in any Electrolux fridge repair will be to unplug the appliance, or flip off the corresponding breaker. This will eliminate the risk of electric shock, and will also prevent any of the new parts from being damaged.

Strip Away the Framework

Once you’ve disconnected your Electrolux fridge from all power sources, we will begin by removing the frame that holds the dispenser in place. This can be tricky, and is often where home repairs start to go wrong. Use a paint scraper or very thin screwdriver to access the thin gap between the framework and door panel. We recommend starting at the corner. Once you’ve created some space between the frame and door, you can carefully run your scraper or screwdriver up the vertical seam and around the perimeter to pop the frame out. Be very careful; many people end up forcing the frame, either cracking the part or scratching up their doors in the process.

Pulling Apart the Panelling

Once the frame has been removed, the screws holding the panel in place will be exposed. Two Robinson screws hold the display panel and housing assembly in place. Remove these, then lift the housing off of its tabs and remove it gently. The housing and panel will still be connected by wiring, so be careful not to yank these loose. Unplug the two molexs when you’re ready to disconnect the housing from the fridge.

Removing the Circuit Board and Making Your Repairs

To remove the board, apply pressure to each of the four snap clips holding it in place. Apply pressure to each, then pull up on the board to detached it.

Once you’ve removed the board, two ribbon connectors on the board must be removed. These are for the membrane switches at the front of the unit. Once these are disconnected, you can safely remove the damaged board.

STOP – Discharge Your Static Before You Proceed!

Discharge any static electricity that may have built up on your body before you handle the replacement parts. Simply touch something metal, then you’re safe to handle delicate electronics.

Installing the New Board

The installation is quite simple at this point, as you’re just retracing your steps.

Attach the ribbon connectors, then slide the new board in place under the snap clips.

Now attach the two molex plugs dangling out of your fridge – large on the right, small on the left. Seat the panel in its housing, then screw the Robinsons back into place.

To put the frame back in place, simply line it up and press around. Listen for it to click into place as you progress.

Contact Electrolux Fridge Repair Experts

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