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Troubleshooting 4 Washer Woes: DIY Kenmore Washer Service Tips

Washing machines can differ from model to model, but they all operate according to shared technological principles. Knowing this, it’s possible to prescribe some general tips to help homeowners try their hand at DIY appliance repairs whether they’re running Bosch or Kenmore models.

In today’s article, we’ll do just that; if you’re considering calling our team to book a Kenmore washer service in the Ottawa area, you could benefit from trying the following troubleshooting tips on your own.

My washer won’t fill up with water.

Your home’s hot and cold water supply are attached to the water inlet valve. Your washer’s temperature controls allow you to choose whether cold, warm, or hot water enters the tub during the fill cycle. Once you’ve chosen the time, temperature, and cycle style for your washer load, the control sends voltage to the water inlet valve, which opens to allow water to fill the tub. If your tub isn’t filling when you initiate the wash cycle, it’s likely a problem with the inlet valve.

If you’re noticing some water, but not quite enough, the inlet valve is probably restricted. This is usually caused by the build-up of hard water deposits. A restricted inlet valve will need to be replaced.

My washer is overfilling!

If you’re seeking Kenmore washer service because your appliance is over-filling to the point where it’s threatening to flood your basement, then you may need to check the water level switch tube. This is usually connected around the side of the washer’s tub. When it’s functioning properly, this tube’s air pressure increases. When the washer tub has been filled sufficiently, the air pressure from the water level switch tube causes the water level switch to shut off voltage to the inlet valve, closing it and stopping the water flow. At this point, the control or timer will advance the cycle.

Alternately, overfilling could indicate that the inlet valve has failed. If the PSI is not within the 20-120 range required, your water may not shut off properly, or trickle into the tub when not in use.

My washer’s agitator isn’t agitating.

Listen to determine whether the washer’s motor is running. If it is, there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with a drive belt issue. Alternately, the drive coupler may be worn out or broken. In either case, these parts will need to be replaced.

My washer tub isn’t spinning.

If your Kenmore washer tub’s spin cycle isn’t living up to its name, you should start by checking the lid switch. The lid switch stops the tub from spinning when the lid is open. If it malfunctions, this can prevent your spin cycle from doing its job. You can check it for continuity to check if an electrical current is present. If the continuity check clears, you will have to check the drive belt,  coupler, motor, and other components to determine which of these parts have failed.

I can’t get this thing working!

If your home troubleshooting attempts have failed, it may be time to call in the experts. Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair offers insured, warrantied, and affordable Kenmore washer service in the area. You can learn more about our Kenmore washer service in Ottawa by calling 1 (888) 508-8270, or visiting today.

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