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8 Possible Reason Your Whirlpool Fridge Isn’t Staying Cold

Does the food in your fridge seem as if it’s going bad faster than normal? It may be because your fridge isn’t cooling properly! No need to worry though.

Insufficient cooling is one problem that many Whirlpool fridges occasionally encounter. If your Whirlpool fridge isn’t cooling or needs a repair, give Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair a call. We have years of experience fixing Whirlpool appliances, and are confident that we can fix the issue with your fridge.

Keep reading our blog to find the 8 common reasons why your fridge might not be cooling properly, or at all.

8 Reasons Why Your Fridge May Not Be Cooling

Outlet: Check to see if the outlet your fridge is plugged into has power. You can easily test this by plugging another device into the outlet and turning it on. If there is no power, reset the fuse and try again. If there is no power still, it may be the outlet that is the root of the problem. If the other device that you plugged into your outlet works, then the fridge is the issue.

Temperature Control Thermostat: This controls voltage to other parts of the fridge, and when the thermostat is damaged, it will prevent the refrigerator from cooling properly. To check if the thermostat is working, change the settings from lowest to highest and listen for a click. If you hear a click, the thermostat is working. But, if you don’t then the thermostat probably needs to be replaced.   

The Compressor: This is the motor that compresses and circulates refrigerant, which is what cools your refrigerator throughout the unit. If the compressor is broken, then the fridge won’t be able to circulate the refrigerant and your fridge won’t get cold. If you suspect the compressor is your issue, call a technician from Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair to check it out today.

Dirty Condenser Coils: The condenser coils are located underneath the fridge. They are used to cool down the refrigerant as it passes through. Because of their location, it is easy for dust or debris to get into the the coils to and become dirty. When the coils are dirty, they have to work harder to cool down the refrigerant, or they won’t work at all. Check the condenser coils; if they are noticeably dirty, clean them off and see if that helps cool the fridge down.  

Condenser Fan Motor: This fan helps circulate the air through the condenser coils and over the compressor. If the condenser fan motor is broken, the fridge won’t cool down. Take a look at the fan blades and see if there is anything blocking them. If you don’t see anything, try turning the fan blades with your hand to see if it will spin. If doesn’t spin, it will have to be replaced.   

Evaporator Fan Motor: If you notice that your freezer is cold but your fridge isn’t, then the problem might be with the evaporator fan motor. This fan draws air over the cooling coils and circulates the air throughout the fridge and freezer. Just like the condensor fan motor, check to see if there is anything blocking the fan, and that the blades are able to spin. If the motor doesn’t spin, or if it is extremely loud, it needs to be replaced.

Door Seals: Check the door seals to make sure that the door is closing properly. To test the seals, put a piece of paper between the seals and try and pull it out. If you feel tension, the seals are fine, but if it pulls out easily than you might need to replace them. Try the paper test in a few spots along the door.

Ice Build Up: Look and see if there is ice build up in the fridge or freezer compartment. Ice can block fans and make it difficult for the fridge to circulate cold air. If you see ice, put your fridge on defrost it has the setting; if it doesn’t you will have to defrost the fridge manually.

If your Whirlpool fridge need a repair, don’t hesitate to call Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair at 1-(888) 508-8270 today!

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