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Appliance Lifespan and Maintenance

Have you given thought to your major appliances lately? possibly wondered how long they have left, how many repairs they need or how much it would cost to get a new machine and put the old one to rest? Our experts on appliance repair in Ottawa have the information you need in our blog below:

First off, there is the question of warranty. Do you have any warranty left on your appliance?

How much does your warranty cover and how long do you have before your warranty is up?

If you do have warranty, consider using it before anything else because often times this indicates your appliance is younger and will not need replacing in the near future. The good news is that most of the time, a simple repair can be made and you can continue life as usual. Only in extreme cases does a major appliance need replacing. If you find yourself in a position where you are unsure of your appliances lasting time, look no further than OttawaPro Appliance Repair for your appliance repair needs in Ottawa.  

Each appliance you own has a unique lifespan in years, for example,


Now of course this is relative depending on the make and model and care given to the appliance throughout it’s lifetime. The better care given to the appliance, the longer it is able to last you, in most cases, of course. Regular cleaning and maintenance is vital to any major appliance. Be sure to routinely check the appliance for things like loose screws and bolts as they need to be tightened right away to avoid further damages. If the problem is more complicated than you thought, our technicians are more than happy to help, we specialize in major appliance repair right here in Ottawa! Sometimes appliances far outlast their lifetime and others,not so much. Compare and investigate your appliance to immediately note any issues with it then decide  whether or not it would be worth it to fix. Most often with repair an appliance can see several more years, at least until you find something new that suits your needs.

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Of course, with replacing an appliance that you have already accommodated into your home, unforeseen snags can arise. First of all, you will want to make sure your new appliance fits where the old one once stood, meaning the right size, shape, and stature. For example, a double-door fridge may not fit where your bottom freezer fridge once stood due to width. Be sure your new appliance will not need new electrical or gas components that will not be easy for you to bring in to your home. This can be difficult and inconvenient work, keeping things simple is what we do best. Great quality work is our value at OttawaPro.

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