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How To: Save Money On Your Jenn-Air Refrigerator Repair in Ottawa

The Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair team gets many calls for Jenn-Air refrigerator repair in Ottawa that could probably have been avoided with some simple cleaning and maintenance strategies. Every year thousands of Ottawa residents fork over more money than they need to on Jenn-Air  refrigerator repairs because they couldn’t be bothered to spend a few minutes each month assessing the condition of one of their home’s most vital appliance. “Time is money,” they say, but money is money, and they’re spending it now because they didn’t know or didn’t care about keeping their refrigerator in shape.

Fortunately, you don’t have to count yourself among them! These simple refrigerator maintenance tips will help you avoid the worst of refrigerator repair costs. Read on to learn all you need to know to delay the need for refrigerator repair in Ottawa and surrounding areas!

Refrigerator feet must be level.

The stance that your Jenn-Air refrigerator assumes probably doesn’t seem very important to you, but staying level is crucial for the proper operation of your fridge. If your refrigerator is not level, there is a constant risk of leaking present, and internal parts may struggle to work against gravity.

Fortunately, the fix is quite simple. The feet of your refrigerator will typically rotate freely in their sockets, giving you the control to level the appliance perfectly. Simply place a hand on the appliance and move the feet until you see it level out. This should not take long, but can save you big in the long term!

Don’t let those coils get soiled!

Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair Jenn-Air refrigerator repair experts, will be able to handle this task for you in the event that they’re called in for a repair, but until then the onus is on you. If your refrigerator coils are not free of dust and crowding, they may struggle to vent heat from the appliance and cool its interior.

All you need to do is pull your refrigerator away from the wall and wipe down the coils you see there. Some models may tuck these coils beneath the fridge, so look there when in doubt. Make sure that no coils are tangled or pinched in any way.

Locate drips right away.

It can be easy to ignore the myriad of noises emanating from your fridge, especially since the sounds of the freezer cracking and settling are a nightly occurrence, but pay close attention to the things you hear! Drips aren’t a normal thing, and should not be taken lightly. Condensation must be allowed to escape through the drain hole, and excessive dripping could indicate that water is blocked and pooling under your appliance.

If you hear drips, pull out your drip pan and double-check that no debris has clogged it up. While you’re at it, clear out the drain hole.

Take the seal seriously.

Door gaskets get a lot of abuse. If your door is not sealing properly as a result, then cold air could be escaping, forcing your refrigerator into working overtime to keep its contents cooled. It is worth the time it will take you to wipe down these gaskets with a mild detergent and bit of water. If the gaskets have been jarred and no longer meet with the door frame, they will need to be replaced.

These tips should help extend the life of your Jenn-Air refrigerator. When you inevitably need repairs, you can contact the Ottawa Pro team at 888 508 8270 for prompt and responsive service in Ottawa today!

The Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair team offers great repairs on Viking fridges in Ottawa and surrounding areas. However, did you know that there are some very simple and easy steps you can take to ensure your viking fridge stays in great condition that will also help lower the chances of a malfunction, and thus needing a repair? Having an broken down fridge brings a huge burden to the household, and it seems to always happen at the most inconvenient time. Food cannot be stored and kept, thus losing you more money.

Luckily, at Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair we want you to keep your kitchen appliances in pristine condition! We have made a comprehensive guide to keeping your fridge in it’s original condition, which will help lower your chances of needing a Viking fridge repair. These tips will also increase the longevity of your fridge, letting you enjoy it for many years to come. Read on to find our tips on fridge maintenance!

Check the Fridge’s Feet

Your fridge’s feet need to be properly leveled. Although a slight tilt might not seem like a big deal to you, it is crucial to the successful operation of your fridge. If your fridge is not on level, you are exposed to increased risk of leaking. This leaking could damage, perhaps permanently, the internal mechanisms of your fridge.

The good news is, this is a very easy problem to fix. Your fridge will, most likely, have feet that can be adjusted and rotated. Play around with them until your fridge is perfectly level. This is a very basic, easy, and quick task that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars, while also making your refrigerator live as long as possible! Do not neglect this seemingly insignificant task.

Watch The Coils!

If you notice that your refrigerator coils are dirty, are caked in debris, or have dust settling on them, it is the time to act now! These dirty coils will have trouble venting heat from the fridge, and thus will not fully cool down the interior and the internal mechanisms of the fridge.

If you need to clean your fridge coils, here are the steps you need to take. Simply pull the fridge far from the wall and use a good quality rag to wipe down the coils you see present.

If you do not do this in time, you may experience a breakage in your fridge. In the event of this, quickly call Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair to have a repair technician quickly remedy the situation. It is always better to act now, rather than later.

Find Leaks, and Fix Them

If you hear some strange noises coming from your fridge, it might be easy to turn the other cheek on them. This is the absolute last thing you should do! These noises might the result of a leak or drip somewhere in the fridge. These should be taken very seriously, as they can greatly affect the health of your fridge.

In the event of a drip, take the pan out of the fridge and see if you can locate a clog that may have caused the drip. Also make sure to clear out the drain hole of the fridge.

If you need some suggestions on how to maintain your fridge and avoid health hazards, don’t hesitate to call Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair technicians toll-free at 888 508 8270 or visit us online to learn more!

For fast, reliable Electrolux washer repair services in Ottawa, call Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair today at 888 508-8270.We employ trustworthy and knowledgeable appliance repair technicians who can bring your Electrolux fridge back to life!

Electrolux washers are among the top brands of appliances and have been around for almost a century. Even though they are built with great quality and care, problems can arise, and Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair can help!

Non- functioning washers are a big inconvenience for any family, as we depend on them daily. At Ottawa Pro we understand that, so we provide same day washer service and repairs In Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Common washer problems include:

If your Electrolux washer is showing similar issues to those mentioned above, call our washer help line at 888 508 8270 and schedule an appointment today.

We service 3 types of Electrolux washers these include:

It is easy to see why consumers choose Electrolux washers for their homes in Ottawa! If you are looking for a same-day, reliable Electrolux washer repair call Ottawa Pro Appliance Repair at 888 508 8270 or visit us online to book an appointment today!

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