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Does your Amana electric range need a check up?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where every time you attempt to use your Amana electric range, the food ends up coming out burnt beyond all recognition?

If that’s the case, you’re not alone.

Although there is no doubt that the Amana brand name is one people can trust, there are times when malfunctions and human error may cause their ranges to burn everything in sight. For example, perhaps the Amana range’s temperature scale was not set up properly during installation or maybe it was accidentally changed during every day use.

It is a distinct possibility because the ranges are designed to be used with both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales.

In most instances, the default factory setting is Fahrenheit and we know that many home cooks in Edmonton prefer to use Celsius. Thankfully, switching temperature scales is typically really easy. It normally involves pressing the range’s broil button and holding it down until the “F” turns to a “C.” Of course that also means when a person is using the Amana range’s broil feature, the scale could accidentally get switched again.

If the temperature scale is set properly, it may be necessary to have a stove repair technician ensure that the Amana range is leveled, calibrated and in excellent working order. Sometimes the electric ranges’ wiring systems and heating elements break down, which could also explain why food is coming out black and inedible. Other features that may be to blame are the Amana range’s timer, ventilation system and main door.

To speak with our friendly, licensed and certified technician about these and other Amana range repair, please contact us. At Paramount Appliance Repair we offer same-day, fully warrantied, repair service. Money-saving coupons are available online for new, Paramount Appliance Repair customers and existing ones that refer a friend.

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